Upcoming events: Wild Leek & Maple Syrup Festival

The first day of spring means that ramp season is just around the corner. That also means it's almost time for Michael Stadtlander's highly popular Wild Leek festival held at Eigensinn Farm. The chef lineup was just announced and it promises to be a great way for food lovers to welcome spring.

Being amongst the first plants that pop up once spring arrives, ramps signal an exciting time for chefs, cooks, and foodies looking to shed the winter blues and taste the first of the season's bounty. The highly sought-after wild leeks tend to disappear very quickly as begin trickling into farmers' markets. But those who can't wait and those with a serious ramp-addiction head out to various parts of the city to forage for them (here's a great post by Well Preserved on preserving ramps). But for those that are weary of forgingStadtlander's festival is a welcome alternative.

Every year acclaimed chef Michael Stadtlander invites many of his hospitality colleagues to cook at (his) Eigensinn Farm in Singhampton and to celebrate the arrival of ramps and the season's maple syrup harvest. The event sells out every year and brings together some of the top chefs from the province, scattered throughout the farm's forest, cooking over wood fires and serving everything from barbecue ribs, to oysters, bannock, and tacos. The atmosphere is intimate, rustic and all about celebrating beauty of Ontario's agricultural bounty.

In keeping with the rustic setting, the event is strictly bring your own eating gear (cutlery, plates and glasses), so if you're planning to attend don't forget to bring some along.

Eigensinn Farm's annual Wild Leek and Maple Syrup Festival
Tickets are $160 per person
Sunday May 5th, 2013
Tickets available starting April 5th, 2013
Call 1-519-922-3128

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