Tomo Japanese Restaurant

Tomo Restaurant 9625 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill ON

Approx $20 per person
Local Food? few ingredients
Local Wine/Beer? very small list

Mon to Sun: 5pm to 11pm

If you are looking for really good sushi north of Steeles Avenue, look no further. Tomo is located in Richmond Hill on Yonge Street south of Major Mackenzie.

There is a broad selection of sushi, sashimi and specialty rolls and there are plenty of mouth watering appetizers to try as well. Portion sizes are generous and priced very reasonably. The restaurant is very clean and has a modern flare. The service staff  is helpful, very efficient and friendly.

As a small treat, they provide a complimentary serving of vermicelli in a miso broth. It’s quite lovely and readies your palette for more. The salads are refreshing and the miso soup is consistently delightful. Honourable mention for the seaweed salad, it is served with shredded daikon and cucumber on the side. The tempura appetizers are not saturated in oil and are deep fried to perfection.

They have combined some of the more popular items into dinner specials, for instance, if you are a Tuna lover, definitely order the Tuna Sushi Dinner. You get tuna maki, tuna sashimi and tuna sushi. Depending on how hungry you are and if you are in sharing mood, there is always a boat, sizes and prices vary accordingly.

Also worth trying are the specialty rolls, the Fire Roll in particular is scrumptious. It’s basically a California roll that has been lightly tempura battered and then oil bathed to a savoury crunch. Speaking of crunch, dynamite rolls are always popular at sushi restaurants and the ones here do not disappoint.

Additionally the establishment bodes very well in take out. There is a steady stream of customers coming in and the order sizes range from dinner on the way home to huge party size platters.

They must be doing something right because sometimes there are as many pickup orders as there are diners in the restaurant.

Everything at Tomo is presented appealingly and tastefully. Most importantly the food is very fresh and lively. It’s not Morimoto, but it’s by far the best of any I’ve tried in the GTA since.

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