30 Days of Ontario Wine 2014 Day 4: From Winter Woes Come New Opportunities


In Canada we pride ourselves on our winters…well at least when others are listening. The world cites us as the textbook definition of the year's coldest season and we happily to embrace  that mantle for national pride. Even in Southern Ontario's sunny wine country where warmth, sunshine and a long summer are always at the top… 

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30DaysONWine, Day 3 – Podcast – Niagara’s Next Generation of Winemakers


If you haven't been to Niagara wine country or in the past five years now is the time. There are more wineries than ever, quality has consistently improved and with Brock's CCOVI and Niagara College's Viticulture and Technology program now in their fifteenth year and eleventh year respectively, the pool of highly-educated local talent has… 

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