Chef’s Box from Foodie Pages


It used to be that buying online and supporting local were opposite choices. Since launched in August, Canadians have had the option of doing both at the same time. The site is an online storefront for small vendors offering specialty, food-related ingredients and equipment from Sweet Ginger BBQ Sauce to a Feta Cheese Making… 

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RAW! The Great Toronto Tartare-Off


I had the pleasure of attending “Raw! The Great Toronto Tartare Off” on Thursday, March 29th. Held in one of the large ballrooms at the beautiful Fairmont Royal York, the event was a fundraiser for Grapes for Humanity, an organization created to “raise funds for humanitarian causes around the world with the assistance of the… 

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Jamie Kennedy’s Open Kitchen+ Project Dinner


In recent years three of the most influential and exciting threads in the food scene have been a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, the open kitchen and social media. All of these came together earlier in the week with Jamie Kennedy's Open Kitchen+ Project.

Jamie Kennedy Open Kitchen+ Project


Jamie Kennedy has reached the point in his career where he can devote attention to causes that interest him. Locally-sourced and ethically-minded ingredients are obviously a big part of his philosophy. He'll be joining with six of the members of the Group of 7 Chefs to create a locally-inspired meal on March 26, 2012 called… 

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