30 Days of Ontario Wine – Day 3 – Draught Wine

30 Days of Ontario Wine – Day 3 - Draught Wine

Over the last ten years, the craft beer industry has picked up a few lessons from winemakers: bottle design matters, consumers like to collect dated releases, and suggesting some food to go with the beverage of choice is an appreciated gesture. That flow of information might now be going in both directions as Ontario winemakers… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 29 – Mill Street’s Bierschnaps


"The ghosts down here must be very happy that we're distilling again," joked Mill Street's head brewmaster, Joel Manning, as we sat down to discuss the brewery's new Beer Hall last month. He was referring to the bierschnaps distillery that Mill Street has added to their facility in the historic Distillery District which hasn't had… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 26 – The Craft Beer Pour


Earlier this month, Michael Di Caro and I put together a video that covered the idea that there is a certain science to matching styles of beer to shapes of glassware. It's part of a push we wanted to make this year to focus on helping educate the craft drinking public. In that video we… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 25 – Session Toronto


This year's Session Toronto event, the cap-off to OCB Week, changed venues from 99 Sudbury to the indoor-outdoor space at the Artscape Wychwood Barns. Nearly 40 Ontario breweries served their wares to an impressive crowd of dedicated craft beer fans. 

30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 12 – Beer and Cheese


Wine and cheese can be a cliched combination. On top of that repetitivess, it's also worth taking into account that in some cases it's beer that makes the better partner for the varied group of dairy products.

30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 7 – Great Craft Beer for Cheap


Craft beer is made carefully, from quality ingredients, on a small scale. All of those factors mean that it costs much more to produce a pint of your local brewery's pale ale than one of the macrobewery's fizzy, international lager. That said, there are times when a bar wants to clear inventory or say thanks… 

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