30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 12 – Beer and Cheese


Wine and cheese can be a cliched combination. On top of that repetitivess, it's also worth taking into account that in some cases it's beer that makes the better partner for the varied group of dairy products.

30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 7 – Great Craft Beer for Cheap


Craft beer is made carefully, from quality ingredients, on a small scale. All of those factors mean that it costs much more to produce a pint of your local brewery's pale ale than one of the macrobewery's fizzy, international lager. That said, there are times when a bar wants to clear inventory or say thanks… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 4 – Craft Beer Library


Let's start by clearing-up something for those in the audience who are under 25: drinking beer is not a hobby. On the other hand, making beer, collecting beer, and appreciating beer, those are hobbies. As is often the case, one of the first questions asked by newcomers to a particular past time is: "what are… 

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The Devil Tempts Ontario’s Beer Lovers with a Shawinigan Handshake: A Look at Le Trou du Diable


Shawinigan is a bit of a curious place. On the shores of the mighty Saint-Maurice River, it has built a historical identity as a hard-working industrial city by making the most of its natural landscape with paper mills and hydro-electric power plants. But along the the way it has done this with a sly, dry… 

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Brewers Plate 2013


As the craft beer industry in Ontario has grown and matured, so has one of its premier annual events. Brewers Plate moved this year to the Barbara Frum Atrium of the CBCs Front Street headquarters. The eager and engaged crowd was given the opportunity to sample some of the province's best brewed beverages.

Beer Events in January


A foot of snow on the ground is no reason to stop us from getting together for a few pints of limited edition beer. In fact, there are two beer events in the next week that test the rule that summer is the time for great beer focused activities.