Spotlight Christmas – Our Favourite CookBooks


2014 has been a good year for cookbooks, we’ve seen all kinds from ones specializing in a style of cooking (grilling) to ones focused on a singular ingredient (lobster). If you’re looking to bring joy to a foode in your life this holiday season, take a look at David and Suresh’s picks for memorable cookbooks of 2014.

Book Review: Lost Breweries of Toronto


I count at least six breweries in Toronto that are either newly open, in some stage of construction, or waiting on one of the many government licensing steps. In such an age, it’s easy to forget that breweries also sometimes close – it’s not always sunshine and lollipops for those who raise enough capital to… 

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Maison Le Grand Sauces and Soups


If you’ve been on Twitter for a while and follow at least a couple food writers, you’ve probably read your fair share of complaints about PR pitches. An unrelenting legion of them march on our inboxes every day, many feature hyperbole that would be ridiculous in any other context, and the senders really are persistent… 

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Amsterdam Autumn Hop Harvest Ale


Every year, I find myself increasingly puzzled by the spittle-flecked rage that pumpkin beers bring out in the beer nerderati. Yes, they hog the limelight and taste more like pumpkin pie than beer, but who cares? Hasn’t the longform motto of craft beer always been something like “we’ll let them have their swill while we… 

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