LCBO February 26 Beer Release

Earlier this week, David, Ben, and Suresh had the opportunity to attend the LCBO Spring beer tasting and sample specialty beers that are slated for release later this month.

Thirteen premium specialty beers from Italy, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Iceland, Germany, U.S, U.K, and Italy are hitting the LCBO store shelves on February 26th, 2012. Here are some of the beers that stood out during the tasting. The full list for the release is below.

Ben's Picks

Sainte-Reserve Lupulus 750ml $11.65 (Microbrasserie Charlevoix, Canada)
Crisp green apples comes off the very bubbly head and follow into a very fruity taste with more apple notes. The SRL is a little dry tasting from the high carbonation, making it very pleasant on the tongue. I could see myself enjoying a bottle or two of this with some old cheddar in a conspicuous brown bag in Trinity-Bellwoods on the first warm day of spring.
LCBO | 270389

Unearthly Imperial India Pale Ale 650ml $9.60 (Southern Tier Brewing Co. Inc., United States)
A fruity, citrusy head from this IPA with some honey on the nose; the smell is so intoxicating that I could enjoy the glass with my nose alone. This IPA's taste has a blend of sweet orange peel and bubblegum, zippy grapefruit and a nice hoppy pine flavor to create a fantastic balance. I could easily serve this to any dinner guest, and plan on doing so, perhaps with a grilled steak with a blue cheese sauce.
LCBO | 265124

David's Pick

Doppel Hirsch Doppel Bock 500 ml $3.85 (Hoss Brau-und Vertriebs GMBH, Germany)
The nose opens a strong connection for me to pumpernickel bread flecked with caraway seeds. The palate adds complementary orange peel and smoothly fades to white. There is very little indication of 7.2% alc. punch.
LCBO | 106237

Suresh's Picks

Weihenstephaner Vitus 500ml $3.10 (Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephaner,Germany)
This golden yellow brew is an easy sipper, with citrus and faint tropical fruits on the nose, followed by a crisp, juicy mouthfeel. It's not sharp, but has zing and slight creaminess. Much like the other beers on the list, it's a great food beer.
LCBO | 265140

Tree Brewing Hophead Double IPA 650ml $5.35 (Fireweed Brewing Corp, Canada)
There is a lot of citrus on the nose like most of the beers on this list, orange rind, with faint hints of grass and apricot. It's got good body, coating the tongue with malt and bitter tones throughout and a orange zest characteristic. 

LCBO | 209346

Full list of beers that will hit the LCBO Store shelves on Feb 26th, 2012.

Beer selections by David Ort, Ben Ratcliffe, and Suresh Doss.

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Written by Spotlight Toronto


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    Great article, quick comment on the Var Tripel. Was in Copenhagen in 2006 and went to this brew-pub. Excellent beer and excellent food (if you happen to be in Copenhagen). I’m really excited that this brewery’s products are available at the LCBO. Can’t wait to tell Jonas. Cheers!

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