Juice Journals: 2011 Charles Baker Picone Vineyard Riesling


Charles Baker is as savvy about Riesling is he is passionate. That’s saying a lot because if I had to choose someone to champion Riesling as Niagara’s top wine, Baker would be on the short list. You’ve likely come across Baker’s handy work via his day job which has him heading the marketing and sales… 

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How Rye-ish Do You Want Your Rye? Canadian Club Steps In

Canadian Club Rye (2)

Like with IPAs and extreme bitter hops (which I love, by the way, so keep them coming), rye flavouring is a divide among whisky drinkers. Some love rye, some hate it, and some just would prefer life without it. The tide is changing, however, and it’s for the benefit of the whisky world.

Amsterdam Autumn Hop Harvest Ale


Every year, I find myself increasingly puzzled by the spittle-flecked rage that pumpkin beers bring out in the beer nerderati. Yes, they hog the limelight and taste more like pumpkin pie than beer, but who cares? Hasn’t the longform motto of craft beer always been something like “we’ll let them have their swill while we… 

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