The Synergy of Craft Beer and Cheese


Cheese is one of the world's great foods. The range of aromas, flavours, textures that good cheesemakers can achieve help make it one of those rare foods that can easily stand on its own and also elevate a great dish into something truly spectacular. But while that breadth and star power make it a gastronomic favourite,… 

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Cuvée 2014 Preview Guide


Over the past 25 years Cuvée has built itself into the premier event for celebrating Ontario winemaking excellence. This Friday the Fallsview Casino Resort will host the 26th Cuvée Grand Tasting Gala and it promises to continue the event's proud tradition as Niagara's primer celebration of local wine.

Jack Astor’s Winter Fling Festival


Over the last eight weeks, Jack Astor's has invited their customers to "have a fling" with craft beer. The idea is that Jack's drinkers are faithfully married to a national brand and would never leave (think of the kids), but they might want to branch out a bit. The chain of over three dozen bars… 

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Niagara Icewine Festival Guide 2014


The best little known assets of Niagara wine country is that it isn't just for warm weather. In a true Canadian fashion it embraces all four seasons and brings something extra to its warm brand of hospitality every January for the Niagara Icewine Festival and Twenty Valley Winter WineFest.

Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Blend


Like Kleenex and Saran Wrap, Mott’s Clamato has broken through the barrier between brand name and product category. When we order a Bloody Caesar I think we expect that it it will be made with it. A recently-found, small company out of Vancouver is hoping to change that ingrained expectation with the release of their… 

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Hudson Kitchen’s Private Dining Room


I think most new restaurants in Toronto would love to snag a couple profiles on the usual-suspect sites, maybe a couple blog posts, and eventually a positive review or two in print. If this is where Hudson Kitchen was aiming, they well exceeded expectations when they opened in late summer 2013. The Globe & Mail… 

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LCBO Winter 2013 Beer Release


Spotlight Toronto readers will, I bet, be more familiar with the LCBO's every-second-Saturday Vintages releases than with the once-a-quarter ones they do for beer. Not every beer enters the LCBO this way (most new local releases don't), but there are usually some international gems that have a strong seasonal focus. Compared to wine, these lineups… 

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