30 Days of Ontario Beer – Ontario Beer The Book


They had beer in Ontario before the 1970s? Obviously, that's a facetious question, but the time before microbreweries, at the height of beer consolidation in the 1970s is usually set as the starting point for discussing the current state of Ontario's favourite alcoholic drink. At the same time it is useful to remember that we're on… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer: How to get the Most out of the LCBO’s New Website


If you love craft beer you're probably a frequent visitor to the LCBO and make heavy use of its website to hunt down seasonal and special new releases. That also means you were probably one of the first to experience its new website when it launched in late June. With flat graphics, sliders, video, social… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer: Left Field Brewery


Just over a year ago, in Spring 2013, a new craft brewery started appearing at events in Toronto. What set Left Field Brewery apart, from the outset, was their emphasis on what co-owner Mandie Murphy calls their “insistence on consistent high quality” in everything they do: from the clean, baseball-oriented branding to the focused repertoire… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer: Brewery Only Beer


Summer weather brings a noticeable increase in how much beer we consume and also our willingness to travel to get it. No longer trapped in our driveways by drifts of snow, we'll even venture as far as Guelph, Muskoka or Niagara for a brewery visit and a good bottle of beer.  The best that can be… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer: Women’s Beer Events


In some ways, craft beer has always been the laid-back cousin of the beverage and hospitality industry, trade: tablecloths for wood palettes, olfactory notes for casual observances, scant pours for half-pints and you get a sense of why more and more people are interested in learning about beer. And in Toronto, evidently, many of these people are… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer: The Twenty Dollar Challenge

30 Days of Ontario Beer Challenge

It's Friday evening and with work done and an invite to friend's barbecue in a couple hours your weekend is off to a good start. But then you a text message from your friend asking you to kindly pick-up some beer for the barbecue because he/she is almost out and too busy prepping to get… 

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