Soupstock Recap


Can you make a statement simply by enjoying a bowl a soup? That was the idea behind Soupstock, an event organised by the chef Michael Stadtländer, the Canadian Chefs' Congress and the David Suzuki Foundation, to protest the proposed limestone mega quarry the Highland Companies would like to build in Melancthon Township.

Cask Days Food Preview


This will be my third year covering Cask Days, the crown jewel in Toronto's fall craft beer season. As well as the usual incremental increase to the already impressive list of brewers and the beers they are pulling from casks, this year's event features some big shifts in the programme. The obvious one is that… 

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Video Independence: The Film Buff


When I set out to write this series I wanted to capture what I love about independent video stores before they disappear forever. I expected to find a group of small business owners who, although they continue to be passionate about movies are having to suffer through their business's–and passion's–decline. However, what I have discovered… 

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Boston Pizza’s Updated Menu


When Michael Gray, Boston Pizza's Director of Culinary and Executive Chef sets out to change the menu at Canada's leading chain of casual-dining, sit-down restaurants he faces a long process. As well as hitting the right food-trend notes, he also has to satisfy the owners of the company's 340 locations and their respective regular customers…. 

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Reflecting on the Past to Guide the Future: Savour Stratford’s Culinary Gala


There's an old axiom that to know where you're going you need to know your past. That was the theme at one of the new events at this year's Savour Stratford Culinary Festival. The Culinary Cocktail Gala Reception not only acted as an opportunity for attendees to mingle amongst visiting celebrity chefs, but most importantly… 

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What Makes Canadian Whisky Unique: Savour Stratford’s Whisky vs. Bourbon Tasting


One of the most interesting aspects of Savour Stratford continues to be the Tutored Tastings held on Saturday. They're a great chance to learn about a gastronomic topic you've always wanted to explore. In my case it was local whisky via the Whisky vs. Bourbon tasting, which made a return appearance after being one of… 

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