30 Days of Ontario Wine – Day 27 – Pinot Noir Shopping Guide


For our fourth and final shopping guide for 30 Days of Ontario wine, we give you the lowdown on all the great Pinot Noirs you can get your hands on.

30 Days of Ontario Wine – Day 25 – Boar and Cherry Terrine with Malivoire Alive Pinot Noir


In this post, the Pinot Noir edition of 30 Days of Ontario Wine recipes, I think I've met my own challenge of preparing a dish with a reasonable amount of wine quite well. It's hard to write about two recipes for red wine (Cabernet Franc came earlier in the month) without considering the stew or… 

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30 Days of Ontario Wine – Day 23 – The Wines of Savour Stratford


The Savour Stratford festival, especially the signature Sunday grand tasting, is foremost about celebrating local food. Having just finished its fifth year this unique and award-winning culinary festival continues to impress by capturing the quality of the fresh local ingredients the region is producing as well as its warm hospitality.