Reflecting on the Past to Guide the Future: Savour Stratford’s Culinary Gala


There's an old axiom that to know where you're going you need to know your past. That was the theme at one of the new events at this year's Savour Stratford Culinary Festival. The Culinary Cocktail Gala Reception not only acted as an opportunity for attendees to mingle amongst visiting celebrity chefs, but most importantly… 

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What Makes Canadian Whisky Unique: Savour Stratford’s Whisky vs. Bourbon Tasting


One of the most interesting aspects of Savour Stratford continues to be the Tutored Tastings held on Saturday. They're a great chance to learn about a gastronomic topic you've always wanted to explore. In my case it was local whisky via the Whisky vs. Bourbon tasting, which made a return appearance after being one of… 

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Coast to Coast @ Stratus with Vikram Vij


People are either storytellers or doers that inspire stories. If you're blessed with a skill, like a special gift in the kitchen, you don't often possess the talent to dazzle with your words as well. After all how fair would that be? But Vikram Vij is one of the few chefs that's as captivating a… 

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Savour Stratford’s 2012 Sunday Tasting


Savour Stratford is essentially built on the symbiosis of farmer and chef. Actually, the city's entire culinary scene rests on the special relationship between Perth County's farmers and the talented chefs of Stratford and the surrounding area. The Perth County soil and climate produce a wide array of fresh and delicious produce and many of… 

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FitWall Canada


I’ve wanted to check out FitWall for a few months now. I read about it, watched videos on it, talked to some health & fitness enthusiasts and finally got to see it in person. The founder of FitWall Canada, Bonnie Goldmacher welcomed me to her facility with a friendly smile. She gave me the run… 

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