Coast to Coast @ Stratus with Vikram Vij


People are either storytellers or doers that inspire stories. If you're blessed with a skill, like a special gift in the kitchen, you don't often possess the talent to dazzle with your words as well. After all how fair would that be? But Vikram Vij is one of the few chefs that's as captivating a… 

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Savour Stratford’s 2012 Sunday Tasting


Savour Stratford is essentially built on the symbiosis of farmer and chef. Actually, the city's entire culinary scene rests on the special relationship between Perth County's farmers and the talented chefs of Stratford and the surrounding area. The Perth County soil and climate produce a wide array of fresh and delicious produce and many of… 

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FitWall Canada


I’ve wanted to check out FitWall for a few months now. I read about it, watched videos on it, talked to some health & fitness enthusiasts and finally got to see it in person. The founder of FitWall Canada, Bonnie Goldmacher welcomed me to her facility with a friendly smile. She gave me the run… 

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Soupstock Preview


The fight to stop the construction of a limestone mega quarry that The Highland Companies wants to build in Melancthon Township continues this October. Last year, MIchael Stadtländer and the Canadian Chefs' Congress joined with local activists to bring thousands of guests to Foodstock across the highway from the proposed quarry site. For 2012 the… 

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Brewer’s Master Class by Brewer’s Plate


For every word written about beer I'd bet twenty are dedicated to wine. So, it can be tough when sitting down to do the former to not reference the latter. But here, with Toronto Beer Week falling right in the middle of our month of local wine and an event about pairing food and drink… 

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30 Days of Ontario Wine – Day 28 – Lowrey Vineyard’s Pinot Noir


Much like people doing the right thing in the right place, vines get better with age. Sure, they may not be as productive as they once were, but the depth earned from experience more than makes up for it. There are fewer Pinot Noir vineyards in Ontario with more wisdom than those of Lowrey Vineyards… 

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