The Economics of Toronto’s Street Food Culture: Why do I have to Pay to Wait for a Taco


Some time between when David Miller cleared the stench from the 39-day garbage strike by finding $100 million in city budget's couch cushions and Rob Ford claimed he'd pull the emergency brake on the city's gravy train, Toronto's formerly secret food obsession went mainstream. Thankfully it has stayed there ever since. Today waxing poetically about… 

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Introducing Redstone Winery


With the arrival of spring what might become one of the most important Niagara wineries of this current third generation launched. It's not using particularly innovative winemaking techniques nor growing new-to-the-region grapes. It's not exceptional big or calling for an outside-the-box concept either. What makes it so significant is the team behind it. It's called… 

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Ontario Wine hits a Groove at Somewhereness 2014


The one thing all great food and drink has in common is that it has a unique quality which unmistakably links it to where it was made. This is especially true of wine where the grapes, climate, soil, vintage and the winemaker's vision on how to best capture all these elements in the glass hopefully… 

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Pommies Apple Tree Giveaway


At a recent cider tasting hosted by the LCBO, many superlative statistics about the growth of Ontario's cider market were thrown about. My eyes opened widest though at the one that demonstrates how much room there is left for expansion. For every 100 pints of beer consumed in Canada, we knock back one of cider. In Ireland that… 

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Three Ships Whisky

Three Sips Whisky

The problem with most affordable (cheap?) blended scotch comes from the utterly boring base flavour. While single malt scotch is made strictly from malted barley, blended scotch is mixed with distilled corn and possibly wheat. The result is a cheaper drink, with a dull vanilla flavour that's common among many brands in the $30 range…. 

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