Spotlight Christmas – Our Favourite CookBooks


2014 has been a good year for cookbooks, we’ve seen all kinds from ones specializing in a style of cooking (grilling) to ones focused on a singular ingredient (lobster). If you’re looking to bring joy to a foode in your life this holiday season, take a look at David and Suresh’s picks for memorable cookbooks of 2014.

Spotlight Christmas – Michael’s Guide


The best holiday gifts are equal parts practical and meaningful. When you manage to hit that balance your gift be treasured with the recipient thinking of you each and every time it’s used. Here’s some humble inspiration on a few practical yet fun things to help you on your way to achieving that elusive balance… 

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Spotlight Christmas – Esther’s Guide


Any way you slice it, gift-giving is an art. Unfortunately, the madness of the holiday season often leaves us with subpar options when it comes to finding that special gift for that special someone. My gift guide is filled with impressive toys and finds that could make any grinch happy, saving you the trouble of searching…. 

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The messed up business of booze retailing in Ontario: We deserve better


We live in a vibrant, diverse society here in Southern Ontario with talented chefs, eclectic restaurants, top sommeliers, mixologists, surrounded by culture, lakes, rivers, farms, vineyards, green space and everything in the world we could possibly want to live a healthy, fulfilling and exciting life. We deserve the best of everything because we work hard…. 

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