The Devil Tempts Ontario’s Beer Lovers with a Shawinigan Handshake: A Look at Le Trou du Diable


Shawinigan is a bit of a curious place. On the shores of the mighty Saint-Maurice River, it has built a historical identity as a hard-working industrial city by making the most of its natural landscape with paper mills and hydro-electric power plants. But along the the way it has done this with a sly, dry… 

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International Chardonnay Day


Chardonnay is the wine world's most famous socialite. The always fashionable cosmopolitan wine is made from the world's most widely-planted premium grape. Like a true global star, it's at home everywhere and able to adapt to local tastes. It does this seemlingly effortlessly all while staying true to the initial qualities that made it the… 

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4th Annual Langdon Hall Friday Night Dinner Summer Barbeque Series


On the 28th of June, Langdon Hall will be continuing its celebration of summer's two greatest pastimes: cooking outside and eating outside. The highly popular barbecue series returns this year at the lavish Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario. Every year, the Friday Night Dinner Summer Barbeque Series matches favourite chefs, wine makers and culinary personalities… 

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Upcoming Event: Graze The Bench 2013


The seven wineries of the Beamsville Bench are blending the perfect combination of wine, food and live entertainment for the fifth annual Graze the Bench.

The OWS Showcases Ontario’s Five Star Grapes


Every well-known wine region has a signature grape or two. Napa Valley has built a world-renown reputation on its bold premium Cabernet Sauvignon.