2013 CCOVI Expert’s Tasting Showcases Niagara’s Big Reds


Earlier this month, Brock's Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute's (CCOVI) Experts' Tasting served as a coming out party for those that have yet to discover Niagara is making some formidable red wines.

Upcoming events: Wild Leek & Maple Syrup Festival


The first day of spring means that ramp season is just around the corner. That also means it's almost time for Michael Stadtlander's highly popular Wild Leek festival held at Eigensinn Farm. The chef lineup was just announced and it promises to be a great way for food lovers to welcome spring.

Auberge du Pommier’s Golden Touch


It has never happened before. Despite being the largest city in Canada, (fourth most populous in North America) with a thriving food scene showcasing some of the country's brightest culinary stars, runner-up was the closest a Toronto-based chef had ever come to the top prize at the Gold Medal Plates competition.

Factory Theatre presents Iceland


The promotional material for Nicolas Billion’s ‘Iceland’ asserts that the play “examines the fallout of the 2008 banking crisis through the chance encounter between three characters…” It does much more than that. In fact, the banking crisis is a mere backdrop to the manipulations and values of the three main characters.

Cuvée’s Silver Re-Boot Hints at a Sterling Future


Sometimes you need to take a step back, reflect on your past and re-focus your efforts. That's exactly what Cuvée, the Ontario wine industry's annual celebration of excellence, did his past weekend for its 25th anniversary.