Brewers Plate 2013


As the craft beer industry in Ontario has grown and matured, so has one of its premier annual events. Brewers Plate moved this year to the Barbara Frum Atrium of the CBCs Front Street headquarters. The eager and engaged crowd was given the opportunity to sample some of the province's best brewed beverages.

Spring & Summer Brings Some Blockbuster 2010 Reds from Stratus


Since its inception in 2000, Stratus has been an ambitious winery. Naturally, that comes with an impressive set of credentials. It's the world's first winery to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Canadian Stage presents Race


If the performance I saw is any indication, Toronto theatre goers will love Race. Spontaneous, generous applause greeted each scene change. The audience audibly gasped on a couple of occasions when the dialogue became particularly offensive. It is vintage David Mamet-hard-hitting, vulgar, sexist, macho and controversial. It presents low-life lawyers fighting over the spoils to… 

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