Looking Westward for a Wine, Beer & Spirits Revolution: What Ontario Could Learn from B.C.


There's a revolution happening in Ontario. It's a loud one, but not in the old school sense of coup d'etats or even the modern sense of technology. Don't mistake it's quietness by traditional measures for a lack of importance either.

30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 22 – East End Craft Beer: The Danforth


There’s much more to the Danforth than gyros and yoga mats. From classic pubs to modern eateries, the stip has all kinds of friendly places to sip craft beer in the east end. We’ve left out familiar selections like Allen’s and The Only Cafe, and travelled east of Donlands to share a few gems.

30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 21 – Ottawa’s Craft Beer Scene


When you mention Ottawa-area breweries to a craft beer enthusiast in Toronto, they probably think of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company and deservedly so. The Vankleek Hill operation is the biggest success story to come out of our craft beer scene and has grown large enough to regularly host events and supply licensees in the… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 20 – Homebrewing with Wild Yeast


My brewing life is a cluttered, collaged mess. I’ve fallen into the “trap” that most home brewers fall into: improvement. Some brewers spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars improving their set-up to get a more efficient system (which is beer geek talk for “it’s basically a belly button measuring contest”).

30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 19 – The Stop Night Market


The Second annual Night Market, hosted by The Stop, was a resounding success. Here's our recap of what has become, one of Toronto's hottest street food events.