Celebrity Style for Less

Have you ever lusted after a handbag or a necklace that Angelina Jolie or Kate Hudson was sporting only to find the price tag on that special item is astronomically high? I, for one, have been through that scenario more times that I can count.


100 Cumberland Street, Toronto ON 416-964-2222www.sassafraz.caMapApprox $50 per person Local Food? some local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? some available Lunch, DinnerSun & Mon: 11:30am to 12amTue to Sat: 11:30am to 2am Elephant-sized clouds of smoke billow into the air, sirens scream their warning as they speed down Bloor Street, bewildered onlookers wonder what would bring out seven… 

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Stratford-upon-Avon Calling

When’s the last time you paid 40 cents for metre parking? In Toronto, probably sometime in the 19th century? But in Stratford, the glorious Canadian-imitation birthplace of the illustrious bard, it’s not just a myth. I’m so accustomed to carrying one and two dollar coins for parking, it’s almost foreign to start sifting through my… 

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A handbag for all seasons

Coming into ownership of a new accessory tends to stir up a sense of excitement in all good shoppers. This is why so many women are always on the look out for the next it-bag of the season. A handbag can cost anywhere from about $10 up to the tens of thousands, be made of… 

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Wasabi Sushi

100 Plaza Drive, Suite CMap716.689.5888www.wasabius.com The Canadian Loonie being this close to par with the Greenback, has many immediate effects. But where can you get a decent meal in between the card swiping and bag carrying? Wasabi has mouth-watering sushi.

Harlem nights in Toronto

“Tonight, I’m a stealthy ninja, a spy for Spotlight, an undercover paparazzi agent…” This is the role I chose for my most recent cameo appearance – I think it suited me well. Yonge Street was being dressed up to look like Harlem, NY, and I wanted to see how it was being done.

Embassy Samosa king

5120 Finch Ave East, Scarborough ON 416-332-0944MapApprox $20 per person Local Food? some local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? n/a Lunch, DinnerMon to Sun: 11am to midnight Long gone are the days when I was able to wander around ethnic ‘hoods of Scarborough looking for food or when my parents used to bring home South Indian or Sri… 

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