Pangea Collection

Fashion changes by the season and sometimes even quicker than that. However, one thing that doesn’t go out of style – a show-stopping piece of jewelry. What is even better? A show-stopping piece that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Avenue Cafe Bistro

480 University Avenue, Toronto ON 416-979-0500 www.avenuecafe.caMapApprox $20 per person Local Food? very few local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? very small selection Breakfast,LunchMon to Fri: 8am to 6pm We went once for lunch, and we went once for breakfast. Avenue Cafe and Bistro is a corporate lunch spot through and through. Sitting at the edge of bank,… 

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Au Pied De Cochon

536 Duluth Est,   The very essence of Martin Picard’s cuisine is complete indulgence. Throwing health related caution to the wind, immerse yourself into a gauntlet of dishes that combine a dizzying array of rich ingredients.

Red Violin

95 Danforth Avenue, Toronto ON 416-465-0969MapApprox $60 per person Local Food? some local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? very small selection DinnerTue to Sun: 6pm to 11pm Closed on Mondays In the world of All You Can Eat dining, food continuously presents itself to us in titanic proportions: as an Indian buffet, a sushi smorgasbord, a Korean cook-it-yourself experience,… 

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Evening At The Chefs’ Table In every sense, Evening at the Chefs’ table at the Distillery was the party event of the year. Under clear blue skies and comfortable heat, hundreds gathered to support the Children’s Emergency Foundation. The pitch? Epicurean delights and the chance to mingle and nosh with your favourite Food Network

Stratford – Cabaret

If you’re looking for a little summer entertainment and culture outside of the usual Toronto spots, Stratford‘s productions of Cabaret will deliver. Amanda Dehnert’s directorial debut in Stratford is a daring one as she takes on one of Broadways biggest hits.


202 Davenport Road, Toronto ON 416-925-1903www.josos.comMapApprox $45 per person Local Food? some local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? very small selection DinnerTue to Sat: 5pm to 11pm  Closed on Mondays Usually, when we order fish at a restaurant we read a description off the menu and hope it’ll be fresh. Joso’s raises the bar by eliminating that mystery;… 

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