Kuni Sushi Ya

20 Baldwin Street, Toronto ON 416-260-3188MapApprox $20 per person Local Food? some local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? very small selection Lunch,DinnerMon to Sun: 11am to 11pm I hate to admit it, but sometimes sushi has its off days. And Sunday might be one of them. What a shame for us to meet under these circumstances. In hindsight,… 

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Hamadi – Kama Ayurveda

My winter months tend to be filled with countless late night parties. All this socializing means that my hair has been teased, curled, down right abused. Now that I have a moment to breathe, it’s time to put the care back into hair care.


In celebration for Valentine’s Day, Balmshell, the successful lip-gloss brand has introduced the “You Give Me Fever” gift set (sold exclusively at Holt Renfrew for $49). It includes three lip-glosses: You Give Me Fever, Darling You Look Fabulous and Holts-aholic.

Rock Climbing

If you haven’t tried rock climbing yet, here’s your recommendation. It’s an adrenaline rush, a workout, a social activity, a great way to get to know someone, and a chance to challenge yourself. Take a friend since you need a partner to climb with.

Winterlicious ’08 – Bodega

www.bodegarestaurant.com Winterlicious comes to an end for us. For one last treat, I take 11 willing participants to a quiet little French restaurant in the charming Baldwin village for a relaxing lunch. Everyone has been excited about this occasion for days, some have even picked their menu choices while in front of the computer. The… 

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Winterlicious ’08 – Lai Toh Heen

www.laitohheen.com As the snow came hurtling down in flakes and ice pellets and the roads became frosted white playgrounds for foolhardy drivers, Winterlicious continued to do its thing, bringing a beautiful festival to a resounding close. While thunder claps echoed outdoors, growling stomachs rumbled indoors, begging for a compromise to be met At Lai Toh… 

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Winterlicious ’08 – Cafe Moroc

www.thesultanstent.com It doesn;t get any better than this. Do yourself a favour, pick up the phone and Call Cafe Moroc (416.961.0601) and book a Winterlicious dinner asap. They’ve extended their winterlicious service until the end of the weekend, so you might be in luck. A romantic setting, Wealthy and tasty French-Moroccan fare, and Arabian inspired… 

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Winterlicious ’08 – Sopra Lounge

www.sopra.ca My Winterlicious Disney fairy tale comes crashing down like a Wes Craven horror flick, and I have a kink in my neck to prove it. I guess sometimes you don’t realize how good you’ve had it (food/service/ambience), until you have a disappointing dining experience. Sopra had all the ingredients for a memorable dinner, but… 

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