Yuzu Sake and Sushi Bar

236 Adelaide Street West, Toronto ON 416-205-9808www.yuzutoronto.comMapApprox $25 per person Local Food? few local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? very small selection LunchMon to Fri: 12pm to 3pmDinnerMon to Fri: 5pm to 11pmSat: 5pm to 11pmClosed on Sundays The opening of Yuzu in downtown Toronto is continued evidence of our loyalty to raw fish. As if there isn’t… 

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8 Chefs Event

www.oliverbonacini.com Eight chefs from some of the most prestigious restaurants in Toronto came together in the beautiful and versatile new space of the Toronto Board of Trade to host the “Eight Chefs” event. Cityscape view provided the background as chefs, chocolatemakers, mixologists demonstrated the capability of the 30,000 sq foot space and culinary prowess of… 

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Brewer’s Plate 2009

www.brewersplatetoronto.org Six local chefs were paired up with six local breweries. With the focus on local ingredients, they were encouraged to cook up tasty dishes for a food & beer event hosted by Green Enterprise Toronto, Slow Food Toronto and Local Food Plus. The Brewer’s plate event last night drew a large crowd, a wonderful… 

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Stepping into Wine Country

Wine is for everyone. It can be understood, interpreted and enjoyed by anyone. Wine should be about conversation – which may invariably lead to analysis and thought — but it shouldn’t interrupt the invitation to explore without prejudice or discrimination. We recently spoken to a young and enthusiastic wine maker who said, “Sometimes I learn… 

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Romagna Mia

106 Front Street East, Toronto ON 416-363-8370www.romagna-mia.comMapApprox $35 per person Local Food? some local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? small selection LunchMon to Fri: 12pm to 2:30pmDinnerMon to Sat: 5pm to 11ppmSunday Brunch: 11am to 2:30pm  For months, Romagna Mia had been in my peripheral view as a place to try out for Italian food but I kept… 

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Citybites Food & Wine Experience – Chef Anthony Walsh

www.citybites.ca The first round of Citybites Food & Wine Experience was a success in the bright social space of The Market Kitchen. The culinary host of the evening was Chef Anthony Walsh of Canoe, with wineries from Ontario providing the liquid companions to dishes focusing around whitefish.