30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 16 – Fried Chicken Sundays


Toronto has been fried chicken obsessed for a few years now, coincidentally it is also one of my most requested dishes during the summer. Over the last two years, the fried chicken craze has slowly made its way through the restaurants in the city. Originally popping up on menus at barbecue restaurants, nowadays its not… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 12 – Beer and Cheese


Wine and cheese can be a cliched combination. On top of that repetitivess, it's also worth taking into account that in some cases it's beer that makes the better partner for the varied group of dairy products.

30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 11 – OCB Week Preview


The 2013 version of Ontario Craft Beer Week launches on Father's Day weekend. For its fourth year the week-plus has an event list that has climbed into the hundreds. To help sort through the tap takeovers, beer dinners, and day-long festivals we've put together a brief preview that features some of our favourites from past years.  … 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 10 – Silversmith


It's housed inside a disused Anglican church, brews an unusual flagship beer and is located in the heart of Niagara wine country. On the surface Silversmith is anything but your typical Ontario craft brewery. But dig a little deeper and you'll find the story which sparked many craft breweries to success—a couple of friends with… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Day 9 – Cellaring Beer


A significant change to our 30 Days of Ontario Beer feature for 2013 is a shift in our message from making the case to readers that craft beer is worth trying, towards content that helps everyone fine-tune their appreciation. Today's post about beer cellaring is a great example of a post based on "how to"… 

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