Kaisers From Scratch

I am in search of a recipe for the ultimate peameal on a bun sandwich.  I’m amazed how often visitors to Toronto are advised to try one even though it is very rarely served at its best and even more rarely prepared from scratch in Toronto homes.  I’ll deal with the main event (curing the… 

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Mint Chip Brownies

I rarely use the same brownie recipe twice. I have at least 20 different recipes for brownies and always like experimenting with the latest one promising a fudgey, dense, chocolatey brownie that isn’t painfully sweet and boasts a deep, rich flavour. I may have found the perfect recipe.

Glimpse of New York

Taken at Columbus Circle in NYC while checking out Clo Wine Bar. I was in New York on a film project, so I didn’t really have a lot of time to explore (or eat!). But how I miss that city. Can’t wait to go back.

Salut 2010 – Why Visit a Winery

www.salutwinefestival.com   As part of the Salut Seminar Series, wine writer Michael Pinkus of Ontario Wine Review held a session on the benefits of visiting a local Ontario winery.  Guests tasted 10 different Ontario wines while listening to Michael talk about the various stories behind the wineries and wine.

Salut 2010 – Vertical Cheddar Seminar

www.salutwinefestival.com What we learned about aged cheddar: Aged Cheddar doesn’t achieve sharpness until after one year when it develops a salty, crumbly texture and begins to go through a crystallization process. The orange colouring of Cheddar cheese is safe, it’s an orange food colouring and a natural substance. Normally, Cheddar is white or yellow.

Mitolo Winemakers’ Dinner

www.thechefupstairs.com The Chef Upstairs is a private cooking studio that offers classes and dinners for a variety of clientele and occasions. From kids’ programmes to corporate events, the space has hosted chefs such as Brad Long, Christine Cushing and Michael Potters, and is constantly offering something new and exciting for the culinarily curious to explore. One… 

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Wine Wednesday – Sugarbush 2007 Riesling

2007 Riesling, Sugarbush Vineyards$17, order from winery at www.sugarbushvineyards.ca  If Ontario winemakers were painters, the Riesling grape would be their colour blue. So diverse in its realization, from the crisp acidic sky-blue of an off-dry to the lush syrupy royal of a Sussereserve, it’s no wonder Riesling was my first love in local wine –… 

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