Out and About – Hrvati Bar, Glory Box, Swish by Han

As the spotlight crew has been gearing up for the holiday season, here's what they've been up to in the last week.

Catherine Solmes
I tried my first Croatian food this week, at the new Hrvati Bar in the Annex. Cevapi is the "unofficial national Croatian dish" and consists of sausages, eggplant sour cream, roasted red pepper sauce, pickled vegetables, a buttered bun and fries. Hrvati Bar has an extensive beer menu including, of course, some Croatian options.  


David Ort

We opened our only day of off-line Christmas shopping on Saturday with a stop at Toronto's latest pop-up shop, Glory Box. PR pros Natalie Petozzi and Abigail Van Den Broek have teamed up with Modern Salvage to offer clothes, shoes, books, and–what I was really interested in–housewares from Williams Sonoma at 65% off. The ravioli maker, Le Creuset legumier, and John Deere beer stein (from the Parkdale table) are all great but I'm really pumped to cook with the (giant) 13 1/4 QT Staub French Oven that I picked up.


Suresh Doss

A few days ago, I had the chance to eat at Swish by Han again. A modern Seoul eatery with the kind of dishes that Momofuku has popularized in the last few years. Highlights included; The Kimchi'd pears with stilton cheese and the steamed pork buns and kimchi. 

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