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Working from home certainly has its benefits. There’s the lack of distraction from co-workers, working from a couch rather than a desk, and not having to change out of your pajamas. For me, another benefit of working from home is Chino Locos. Chino Locos is my go-to place for takeout: it’s relatively healthy, inexpensive, and absolutely delicious.

This Chinese/Mexican fusion burrito joint is located at the corner of Greenwood and Queen in the Leslieville(ish) neighborhood. Designed primarily for takeout, the space houses a cramped open-to-the-public mini kitchen, a couple of stools for those who are waiting, and is otherwise crammed with Mexican wrestling paraphernalia.

The menu is fairly bare bones and only offers the choice of proteins (chicken, pork, fish, vegan, etc.). All burritos, except for their vegan option, are $6.99. Upon ordering, you choose the spice level, between a white or whole wheat tortilla, and–this is where the fusion comes into play–rice or Chow Mein noodles. And it’s not just evident in the noodles: all burritos also come with edamame beans in addition to the standard toppings like guacamole, onions, black beans, etc.

My favourite is the “Da Finest! Fish Burrito.” The menu says it’s sauteed white basa fish, but it tastes more like it’s fried. All of their burritos are massive (I usually eat only half, and save the other half for later), but I find that with the fish burrito, there isn’t quite enough fish, so I always double the protein (for an extra $3). However, I don’t find this to be an issue for any of the other burritos. I also order mine with a medium spice. Fair warning: their medium is very spicy and they aren’t always consistent with how evenly they distribute the spicy sauce, so you may get one bite that is extraordinarily hot, while the rest of the burrito is relatively mild.

With Chino Locos as a lunch option so close to my house, my work colleagues should be surprised that I don’t work from home more often.

Chino Locos
4 Greenwood Avenue
Greenwood Avenue & Queen Street East

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Written by Jennifer Bylok

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