Suits Lobby Lounge Launches New Scotch and Fondue Pairing

Suits Lobby Lounge Launches New Scotch and Fondue P\pairing

Trump hotel's Suits Lobby Lounge recently launched a new food and wine pairing menu complete with whisky pairings.

Suits Lobby Lounge is located on the main floor of the Trump hotel, at the corner of Bay and Adelaide. Known for its apres work, single match scotch, and martini menu, the lounge recently launched a new fondue pairing menu.

The fondue Indulgence is $28 and designed for two. Guests can choose between the salty 'n sweet (pretzels, double-smoked bacon & brownies), Classic STOCK Pot (cheesecake bites & beignets filled with cream and fruit), or the gluten free option which includes banana, strawberry and angel food cake. You can mix this with three Valrhona chocolate choices (dark, milk, and white).

What piqued my interest is the recommended scotch pairings (these are extra). Ardbeg 10 for the gluten free option, Glenmorangie 10 for the cheesecake and beignets, or Bowmore 10 for the salty 'n sweet option. 

If you're there just for whisky, or would like to expand your taste of whisky, Suits Lobby Lounge has flutes of scotch available for $45. These range from an excellent peaty Scotch matchup of Ardbeg 10, Bowmore 12, and Lagavulin 16 match-up to something more American (Knob Creek, Old Rip Van Winkle, and Blanton's).

While the top floor of Trump Hotel Toronto is all about wine, it's great to see a focus on whisky on the main floor. The lobby lounge menu includes a number of Canadian, blended scotch whisky, and single malt scotches ranging from $10 a glass to upwards of $280 for Scotches from the private collection.

The new menu starts Friday February the 7th.

Suits Lobby Lounge
Trump Hotel Toronto
325 Bay Street, Toronto

Written by Mark Bylok

Mark Bylok

Mark Bylok enjoys his vices. When traveling, he can frequently be seen enjoying the ‘national’ drink of choice and going to traditional bars. As an avid eater, he frequently decides where to go or stay based on the restaurants he wants to visit. Whether it’s jumping off a bridge, or repelling down a mountainside, Mark likes to explore all the locations that take advantage of a destination’s natural landscape. At home, he has an extensive whisky collection and he’s a bit of a tech-head. Mark is the author of The Whisky Cabinet, a book that explores the most delicious whisky in the world.

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