Toronto After Dark Film Fest: Wrong

Director: Quentin Dupieux
Principal Cast: Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena, and William Fichtner

Some movies can only be experienced. They don’t stand up to a brief synopsis or can't really be explained in any way that will make sense to someone who has yet to see the film. To try to give some context for Wrong it was written and directed by Quentin Dupieux whose last film Rubber (2010) was about a killer tire who roamed around freely and was being watched by an audience many miles away through binoculars. So knowing that going into Wrong you expect something different but this film even goes beyond that.

Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick) wakes one morning and discovers his dog Paul is missing and no one in the neighbourhood seems to have seen him. This sets Dolph on an adventure that pulls in other peripheral characters and drastically changes all of their lives. It turns out Paul was taken by a company run by Master Chang (William Fichtner) that steals pets then in a couple of day returns them to make sure the pet owner appreciates their furry friend. I’m not sure how he makes money doing this. However something went wrong during the kidnapping and Paul has escaped and is lost somewhere out in the world. During the quest to get his dog back Dolph has to overcome many strange scenarios that involve everything from indoor rain storms, canine telepathy, the death of his gardener and a young woman who falls in love with him over the phone.

This is a very entertaining film that is at times hilarious and most of the time defies any logic or expectations. The ensemble cast is wonderful and plays these bizarre scenarios with an earnestness that is needed and heightens the pure joy this film brings. Again, this is an experience so if you get the chance to see this film make sure you are in a room of like-minded individuals to share it communally.

Wrong at the Toronto After Dark Film Fest

Written by Jason Poynton

Jason works on his feet all day, so when he gets some downtime his greatest joy is to settle in at a movie theatre and see a couple movies back-to-back, or in the the case of film festival season race around the city and see four or five in a day. Of course after the movies it’s time to eat and drink and talk it out with some friends.

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