Toronto After Dark Film Fest: Grabbers

Directed by Joe Wright
Principal Cast: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, and Russell Tovey

The quaint Irish countryside, folksy townspeople and a sea monster from outer space, these and a subplot that involves excessive drinking and lots of slapstick make for a very original movie. This is really all you need to know about this Irish monster movie that is a ton of fun filled with good scares and a boat load of comedy.

A mysterious object falls to Earth off the coast of Ireland and something on it quickly dispatches a few fisherman before turning towards a small isolated island (aren’t they always). On the island newly landed police Sergeant Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) is a workaholic city girl who is already dealing with being in unfamiliar surroundings and a drunken partner (Richard Coyle) who is slowly falling in love with her. If that’s not enough something is “grabbing” people and pulling them to their death either in the water or in one case up a chimney. With the help of the local scientist (Russel Tovey) they begin to learn about the mysterious sea/alien creature and a plan of attack is devised. Of course, the plan is outrageously zany and really has little hope of working, but the best plans always are.

Director Joe Wright in his second feature film is able to blend comedy, horror and a splash of romance like a seasoned veteran. A very talented cast doesn’t hurt; Ruth Bradley as the uptight Sergeant and Richard Coyle as the drunken oaf of a partner make a perfect comedy duo and the filmmakers are smart enough to allow these character to evolve into something more than the two dimensional stereotypes they start the film as. The rest of the cast made up of rustic folksy townspeople all set in the idyllic Irish countryside make a perfect background for the film all adding instant production value to what is a low budget movie.

Grabbers at Toronto After Dark

Written by Jason Poynton

Jason works on his feet all day, so when he gets some downtime his greatest joy is to settle in at a movie theatre and see a couple movies back-to-back, or in the the case of film festival season race around the city and see four or five in a day. Of course after the movies it’s time to eat and drink and talk it out with some friends.

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