i4C 2015: Grand Tasting Primer


The beauty of Chardonnay is that it unites like no other grape. Planted in every corner of the wine world, it’s a cosmopolitan grape able to pull off more styles than the entire back catalog of Vogue. Yet it still somehow remains as versatile and accessible as a pair of Levis’ 501s. Today cool climate… 

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Cuvée 2015 Preview

Taste Ontario

With big mounds of the cold white fluffy stuff obscuring the ground and negative double-digits on the thermometer, it’s easy to forget we Torontonians have a great wine growing region in our backyard. But February is actually one of the best times of year to reacquaint yourself with great Ontario wine thanks to Cuvée―the industry’s… 

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Icewine Gala Hints at Golden Reds in 2015


Earlier this month Niagara had a celebrated it’s most famous liquid export, Icewine. Not only did many wineries finish their harvest picking and pressing grapes in frigid temperatures (all while we were warm and cozy in bed), but they also celebrated the beginning of this year’s annual Icewine Festival. As in years past the month-long ode to… 

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The messed up business of booze retailing in Ontario: We deserve better


We live in a vibrant, diverse society here in Southern Ontario with talented chefs, eclectic restaurants, top sommeliers, mixologists, surrounded by culture, lakes, rivers, farms, vineyards, green space and everything in the world we could possibly want to live a healthy, fulfilling and exciting life. We deserve the best of everything because we work hard…. 

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Juice Journals: 2011 Charles Baker Picone Vineyard Riesling


Charles Baker is as savvy about Riesling is he is passionate. That’s saying a lot because if I had to choose someone to champion Riesling as Niagara’s top wine, Baker would be on the short list. You’ve likely come across Baker’s handy work via his day job which has him heading the marketing and sales… 

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Juice Journals: 2013 Hidden Bench Select Late Harvest Gewürztraminer


When you think of Hidden Bench the wines that come to mind are brilliant old vines Riesling, elegant red blends and distinct Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with serious depth. What tends to get lost in the mix of that excellent line-up is Beamsville winery's Gewürztraminer. That's a shame because the winery makes some of the… 

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