i4C 2014 Cool Chardonnay Returns


This weekend the wine event of the summer happens with many of Ontario's top wineries and famed producers from across the globe gathering in Niagara for the fourth annual International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration. With the perfect blend of fun and wine education, i4C has quickly established itself as Ontario's premier wine event. In anticipation of the… 

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Introducing Redstone Winery


With the arrival of spring what might become one of the most important Niagara wineries of this current third generation launched. It's not using particularly innovative winemaking techniques nor growing new-to-the-region grapes. It's not exceptional big or calling for an outside-the-box concept either. What makes it so significant is the team behind it. It's called… 

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Ontario Wine hits a Groove at Somewhereness 2014


The one thing all great food and drink has in common is that it has a unique quality which unmistakably links it to where it was made. This is especially true of wine where the grapes, climate, soil, vintage and the winemaker's vision on how to best capture all these elements in the glass hopefully… 

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Five Lessons from the Niagara Icewine Festival

Five Lessons from the Niagara Icewine Festival

After taking a hiatus the last couple of years, winter has returned to Southern Ontario and made for a fitting backdrop to Niagara's month-long celebration of food and wine: the Icewine Festival. This year's gala officially kicked-off the festival with the usual mix of style and great wine. Thanks to the ice sculptures and winemakers… 

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April Wine Events


Although it doesn't look and feel like spring outside, one sure sign that the weather will soon turn for the better and match the season on the calendar is an increase in the number of wine events. So to get you in the spirit and hopeful nudge mother nature in the right direction we've put… 

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Cuvée 2014 Preview Guide


Over the past 25 years Cuvée has built itself into the premier event for celebrating Ontario winemaking excellence. This Friday the Fallsview Casino Resort will host the 26th Cuvée Grand Tasting Gala and it promises to continue the event's proud tradition as Niagara's primer celebration of local wine.

Niagara Icewine Festival Guide 2014


The best little known assets of Niagara wine country is that it isn't just for warm weather. In a true Canadian fashion it embraces all four seasons and brings something extra to its warm brand of hospitality every January for the Niagara Icewine Festival and Twenty Valley Winter WineFest.

i4C 2013 Preview: A Primer on the World Tour Tasting


If you can only attend one event at the 2013 International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration (i4C), you need to make it the Cool Chardonnay World Tour Tasting.