Newfoundland’s Raymonds Concludes this Year’s Coast to Coast @ Stratus on a High Note


The idea was deceptively simple, but easier said than done—usually the case with most brilliant ideas. What if instead of bringing the wine and the winemaker to a great restaurant, you brought the a great restaurant to the winery?

Mark’s Spotlight Holiday Gift Guide


Whisky makes for a fantastic gift during the holidays. It's easy to shop for, there are options at any given price range, and, chances are your friend will share a drink with you whenever you come over.

GwaiLo invASIAN popup dinner


It's always notable when tickets fly out the door as if it were the reunion concert by The Stone Roses. And despite there being pop-ups aplenty around Toronto these days, in less than an hour, every seat at the invASIAN event was spoken for.

Dining for Discoveries – Mark McEwan and Sunnybrook Hospital join forces


The role of the chef has undergone a significant change in recent years. Perhaps thanks to the advent and proliferation of food television — to name just one zeitgeist shifting force — the chef as public figure dynamic has, for better (countless charitable events food policy influences), or worse (insert insufferable television hosts here), become a mainstay of the culinary conversation.

Rising Star Chefs at GB Chefs’ House, with Doug Penfold


George Brown College's The Chefs' House recently launched another season of their Rising Star Chef Dinner Series. Once a month, the cooking talent of an emerging, local chef is showcased in a four-course, wine-accompanied meal. Recently, Cava Restaurant's Doug Penfold hosted an evening.

Evening of Scotch at Barberian’s Steakhouse


Marc Laverdiere is Canada's own Brand Ambassador to The Macallan and Highland Park. I've had the pleasure of attending a few of his events and interviewing him a few years back, and each time I learn something new. That's rare, because whisky isn't always an interesting topic in a mixed audience, but Marc is a… 

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