Quebec Student Earns Canada’s Spot in 2013 S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition


Even in the best of times forward thinkers worry about one thing: where will the next generation of talent come from and how can we foster it?

Cava’s 4th Annual Groundhog Day Challenge


It began as a pun celebrating both the day and the star attraction. As Cava chef and owner Chris McDonald explains the timing around Groundhog Day and a love of charcuterie (which is usually made of ground hog) had him inspired him to host a chef challenge at few years ago.

Newfoundland’s Raymonds Concludes this Year’s Coast to Coast @ Stratus on a High Note


The idea was deceptively simple, but easier said than done—usually the case with most brilliant ideas. What if instead of bringing the wine and the winemaker to a great restaurant, you brought the a great restaurant to the winery?