Cava’s 4th Annual Groundhog Day Challenge


It began as a pun celebrating both the day and the star attraction. As Cava chef and owner Chris McDonald explains the timing around Groundhog Day and a love of charcuterie (which is usually made of ground hog) had him inspired him to host a chef challenge at few years ago.

Newfoundland’s Raymonds Concludes this Year’s Coast to Coast @ Stratus on a High Note


The idea was deceptively simple, but easier said than done—usually the case with most brilliant ideas. What if instead of bringing the wine and the winemaker to a great restaurant, you brought the a great restaurant to the winery?

Mark’s Spotlight Holiday Gift Guide


Whisky makes for a fantastic gift during the holidays. It's easy to shop for, there are options at any given price range, and, chances are your friend will share a drink with you whenever you come over.

GwaiLo invASIAN popup dinner


It's always notable when tickets fly out the door as if it were the reunion concert by The Stone Roses. And despite there being pop-ups aplenty around Toronto these days, in less than an hour, every seat at the invASIAN event was spoken for.