Oceanwise Month 2010

www.oceanwise.ca   Ocean Wise is a programme run by the Vancouver aquarium that aims to improve the sustainability of our seafood consumption through eduction.  They partner with suppliers and restaurants to help consumers make sustainable choices and provide a list of seafood species designated as either approved, to be avoided, or under review.  Toronto has… 

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Ultimate Toronto: Peameal Bacon

  Visitors to New York have to try the pizza; in Paris it’s the baguette; and in Chicago a hot dog is mandatory.  What is the one food that represents Toronto?  In such a diverse city I don’t think it’s surprising that no one dish comes instantly to mind–it’s a case of there being several… 

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What’s On The Table 2010

www.thestop.org   The Stop’s annual fundraiser, What’s On The Table, hosted their sixth annaul fundraiser earlier this week. The event was once again held in Barn 4 of the Wychwood Barns complex and featured an impressive array of culinary talent from the province.

Heirloom Tomato Tasting

    Imagine spending your lunch break on the roof of your office building surrounded by dozens of heritage and heirloom tomato plants.  The tenants at 124 Merton Street in mid-town Toronto are living this dream.

Conscious Food Festival 2010

www.consciousfoodfestival.ca   Torontonians seems to be increasingly interested in eating local and supporting agriculture, and so it was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of this newfound passion and threw a party around it.  Last weekend, Fort York played host to the Conscious Food Festival, organized by a team who also brought… 

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