Lady Who Lunches – Rules Of The Game

Having recently changed jobs, I find myself located in a lunch mecca. At King and Yonge there are dozens of restaurants within a few blocks of my office. Tiny holes-in-the-walls, cafes, local institutions, and newer trendy restaurants all clamor for the patronage of the lunch crowd. Presented with such an abundance of choice, I’m going… 

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Cocktails: Red Carpet Punch   Where hard alcohol is concerned drinking preferences have moved in two different directions. There is one group who compare–and claim they can tell the difference between–different years of small-batch bourbon. The other group at best is just being honest about their preferences for “what tastes good and gets the job done” and at… 

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Think of this place as an extremely conservative game of truth or dare, in which I pose challenges to myself and chronicle them. The first such challenge is to eat lunch in a different restaurant each week for a year. New ‘dares’ will be posted as I think of them, or as they are suggested… 

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Seriously Cool Chardonnays Not too long ago Chardonnay was a four-letter word to many wine drinkers and for some it continues to be dismissed with irreverence. But when it’s grown in the right climate and vinified lovingly it has the ability to produce a spectacular wine capable of depth, balance and a sense of place.

Stop For Food Chef Challenge On Monday night eight Toronto chefs competed in the second annual Stop for Food Chef Challenge at Parkdale’s Parts & Labour. This event with its star talent both in the field of competitors and on the judging panel is the kick-off for the Stop for Food programme.