Salute Wine & Food Festival Salute Toronto Wine + Food Festival, tagged as ‘the city’s newest taste experience’ starts today and runs till Saturday. Formerly known as the Sante Wine Festival, this series of events is a week long smorgasbord for culinary and oenophilic enthusiasts. Your ticket covers the price of admission as well as wine tasting and food.

Alphonso Mangoes

Kohinoor Foods I think I have it easy when I rest my box of Alphonsos on the counter at Kohinoor and reach for my wallet. Within a few seconds, two pairs of hands are on my box, opening it and meticulously starring at each fruit.

8 Chefs Event Eight chefs from some of the most prestigious restaurants in Toronto came together in the beautiful and versatile new space of the Toronto Board of Trade to host the “Eight Chefs” event. Cityscape view provided the background as chefs, chocolatemakers, mixologists demonstrated the capability of the 30,000 sq foot space and culinary prowess of… 

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Brewer’s Plate 2009 Six local chefs were paired up with six local breweries. With the focus on local ingredients, they were encouraged to cook up tasty dishes for a food & beer event hosted by Green Enterprise Toronto, Slow Food Toronto and Local Food Plus. The Brewer’s plate event last night drew a large crowd, a wonderful… 

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Citybites Food & Wine Experience – Chef Anthony Walsh The first round of Citybites Food & Wine Experience was a success in the bright social space of The Market Kitchen. The culinary host of the evening was Chef Anthony Walsh of Canoe, with wineries from Ontario providing the liquid companions to dishes focusing around whitefish.

Babu Takeout (McCowan and Bur Oak)

Unit #3-5, 9590 McCowan Road, Toronto ON416-298-2228www.babudelivery.caMapApprox $20 per person Local Food? few local ingredientsLocal Wine/Beer? n/a LunchMon to Sun: 5am to midnightDelivery availableTakeout only For almost 20 years, Babu has been an institution of Tamil food in Scarborough. A well-oiled take out machine that feeds and satisfies the largest population of Tamils in the… 

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