International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration

The Kick-off Partyby Suresh DossThe inaugural International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration kicked off last weekend with a slew of events across Niagara wine country. The ambitious event aimed to celebrate anything and everything Chardonnay, bringing in producers from all over the world to showcase the versatility of the grape through a variety of events.. From… 

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Acqualina Resort and Spa   Nestled along the appropriately named Sunny Isles, a luxurious stretch of Miami’s famous beach front, is Aqualina Resort and Spa. This isn’t an ordinary resort and spa; it’s decadent, pristine and offers an array of delectable options for its clientele. It’s the type of resort and spa that becomes a destination in itself,… 

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Seriously Cool Chardonnays Not too long ago Chardonnay was a four-letter word to many wine drinkers and for some it continues to be dismissed with irreverence. But when it’s grown in the right climate and vinified lovingly it has the ability to produce a spectacular wine capable of depth, balance and a sense of place.

2011 Icewine Festival

Jackson-Triggs Wineryby Michael DicaroAlthough founders Allan Jackson and Donald Triggs are no longer with the winery that bears their names the legacy they leave still reverberates throughout the company..Read More Inniskillin Wineryby Suresh DossIn an ongoing exploration of food and Icewine experiences in Niagara, we visited Inniskillin winery to chat with Executive Chef David Penny… 

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Icewine Festival, 2011 Events The Icewine festival runs month long in Niagara wine country, with a large list of wineries and restaurants playing host with a variety of events. Here’s a quick look of all the events taking place during the various festivities..