30DaysONBeer – Day 19

Food Fridays: Allen's on Danforth For this installment of Food Fridays we had lunch on the back patio at Allen’s. Between the giant weeping willows and the built-in wood seating this is one of this city’s most civilised and comfortable spaces to eat during warm, summer days. Owner John Maxwell's Irish-American saloon style restaurant has… 

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30DaysONBeer – Day 15

Brewery Profile: Great Lakes Beer Great Lakes is Toronto’s oldest craft brewery and has a wide range of beers. They were the second stop an a recent outing with Craft Brewery Tours in Ontario that was organised by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. After a tour of the brewing facilities, Brewmaster Adrian Popowycz and Chief… 

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30DaysONBeer – Day 13

Panel: Cider Drinkers Our second instalment in the 30 Days of Ontario Beer panel series was a departure, I think, from the expected. This time we talked to people who don’t like beer. I got together with Joel, Lauren, and Bev, three friends who are consistent about their eating and tweeting habits, on the Entourage-esque… 

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30DaysONBeer – Day 8

Old Credit Brewing Company in Port Credit, Ontario is owned and operated by Aldo Lista and has been making craft beer differently since 1994. Their principal distinction is that all of their beer undergoes an extended fermentation and aging in below zero degrees Celsius conditions. This ice beer treatment–Old Credit is the only ice brewer… 

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30DaysONBeer – Day 7

There are a lot of ways to divide the total world of beer but one of the most unsophisticated is also the most useful. That is the distinction between sippers and sessionals. The former are complex and uniquely flavoured, have a heavier body and often higher alcohol that combine to make them the sort of… 

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30DaysONBeer – Day 6


Beer is made for drinking so it seemed unthinkable to run a month of  beer coverage without focusing periodically on the drinkers. For our first panel discussion with beer drinkers I wanted to bring together a group who don't usually think of Ontario or craft beer first but tend towards the macro-brewery product.

30DaysONBeer – Day 3

Beer Scene: The Rhino and C'est What   It's difficult to pick one high temple of beer in Toronto. Bar Volo is devoted to casks, the Biermarkt is busy with beer events and sun-seeking suits, and the Granite Brewery is a northern outpost for beer afficianados. With its warren barrooms, extensive craft selection, and running… 

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