30DaysONBeer – Day 7

There are a lot of ways to divide the total world of beer but one of the most unsophisticated is also the most useful. That is the distinction between sippers and sessionals. The former are complex and uniquely flavoured, have a heavier body and often higher alcohol that combine to make them the sort of… 

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30DaysONBeer – Day 6


Beer is made for drinking so it seemed unthinkable to run a month of  beer coverage without focusing periodically on the drinkers. For our first panel discussion with beer drinkers I wanted to bring together a group who don't usually think of Ontario or craft beer first but tend towards the macro-brewery product.

30DaysONBeer – Day 3

Beer Scene: The Rhino and C'est What   It's difficult to pick one high temple of beer in Toronto. Bar Volo is devoted to casks, the Biermarkt is busy with beer events and sun-seeking suits, and the Granite Brewery is a northern outpost for beer afficianados. With its warren barrooms, extensive craft selection, and running… 

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2011 Ontario Craft Beer Week Preview


It's natural that with warmer weather our drinking tastes turn to beer so it didn't take much debate for us to establish the middle of June as a good time to kick off 30 days of Ontario beer. It's a lucky coincidence that the Ontario Craft Brewers have organised a week of events, starting this… 

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Obika Mozzarella Bar

A friend asks, "so, what exactly is a mozzarella bar?" I know about vodka bars, charcuterie bars, and bar bars but have to admit to her that when it comes to mozzarella bars I'm just guessing. The concept, I imagine, has to be a showcase for the proprietors' ability to source specialty mozzarella and the… 

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Champagne Kate

For several years my choice for a birthday cake was lemon meringue pie. In part this was just to be different–and I have moved on to new, Portuguese custard tart levels of ridiculousness–but it was also because I was young and misguided. Sure, pie can be good but I think if you really pay careful… 

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Developing A Guacamole Recipe

The people behind Mexican Avocados are running a guacamole contest that I've entered and I want to use this space to discuss some of the thinking behind my entry. With these sort of recipe contests it's always a little difficult to decide just how different to be. It is called a guacamole challenge but I… 

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