Book Review: Lost Breweries of Toronto


I count at least six breweries in Toronto that are either newly open, in some stage of construction, or waiting on one of the many government licensing steps. In such an age, it’s easy to forget that breweries also sometimes close – it’s not always sunshine and lollipops for those who raise enough capital to… 

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Maison Le Grand Sauces and Soups


If you’ve been on Twitter for a while and follow at least a couple food writers, you’ve probably read your fair share of complaints about PR pitches. An unrelenting legion of them march on our inboxes every day, many feature hyperbole that would be ridiculous in any other context, and the senders really are persistent… 

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Amsterdam Autumn Hop Harvest Ale


Every year, I find myself increasingly puzzled by the spittle-flecked rage that pumpkin beers bring out in the beer nerderati. Yes, they hog the limelight and taste more like pumpkin pie than beer, but who cares? Hasn’t the longform motto of craft beer always been something like “we’ll let them have their swill while we… 

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New Products at Grocery Innovations Canada


I really like being asked to sit on judging panels. Maybe I'm just judgmental by nature or maybe I appreciate the reminder of those high school classes when the teacher ceded the conch to the boys and let us mark each other. Either way, I was pleased when the folks at Butter PR asked if I would… 

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Would a Drake by Any Other Name…


Word choice matters quite a bit in restaurant writing. That applies especially to two particular situations that were brought to mind by a recent new restaurant visit. The Drake has opened an outpost in Prince Edward County and were kind enough to invite me (and a few other food writers) out for the day last… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer: New Brewery Profile – Innocente Brewing Company


​The newest entry in southwestern Ontario's cadre of up-and-coming craft brewers has 20 years of brewing experience (in one form or another), has brewed commercially on two continents, and did his postdoc research with yeast. This spring, Steve Innocente opened Innocente Brewing Company on Northfield Drive East in Waterloo. Out of the gates, Innocente focused… 

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30 Days of Ontario Beer – Ontario Beer The Book


They had beer in Ontario before the 1970s? Obviously, that's a facetious question, but the time before microbreweries, at the height of beer consolidation in the 1970s is usually set as the starting point for discussing the current state of Ontario's favourite alcoholic drink. At the same time it is useful to remember that we're on… 

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