30 Days of Ontario Wine – Day 30 – Year 5 Closes

30 Days of Ontario Wine – Day 30 - Year 5 Closes

Another 30 Days of Ontario Wine program comes to a close, this year was our biggest yet!

When we first started our 30 Days of Ontario wine program, we wanted to showcase the burgeoning Ontario wine scene. Fresh from one of the hottest vintages on record (2007), Ontario wine production was hitting a groove, and the city's restaurant boom was the perfect platform for local wines. Within a year, we went from a dining culture where very few Ontario wines were listed on menus (excluding Icewine and International Canadian Blends), to at least 2 Ontario wines getting the spotlight by the glass and many more by the bottle. Over the years this trend continued to evolve, hitting many strides with the growing restaurant industry, and the event scene. Even publications that never featured wine content (review or not) started to notice.

Five years in, we wanted to spend this year's programming looking back at how far this evolution and growth has taken us. We kicked off the series with profiles on new wineries that recently launched. Mike had the chance to visit Big Head and chat with winemaker Andrej Lipinski, he also profiled Kew Vineyards, Back 10 Cellars, and Veini Estates, giving us a good sense of where the industry is headed. One of the recent trends to hit the restaurant industry has been Draught wine, and David had a multi-part look at how restaurants have started to feature Ontario wine on tap.

Our guest writers returned to the #30daysONWine program. One of the prominent wine writers in this country, Rick Vansickle, shared his weekly wine picks, the essential LCBO shopping guides. Wine writer Shawn McCormick updated us on Prince Edward County and how that region's wine culture has evolved in the last few years. We found new ways to visit wine country, through winery tours, and culinary programs and a brand new book by Tony Aspler that highlights many Ontario wineries. If touring wine country wasn't your thing, we also listed a number of Toronto restaurants and bars that continue to feature interesting Ontario wines on their list.   

Then and Now; Looking back at the last five years, Mike examined how wine marketing, grape growing, wine labels, have evolved over the last five years. Mike wrapped up with his preditions for the future of Ontario wine.

From all of us at Spotlight Toronto, thank you for reading another year of #30DaysONWine!, we look forward to year 6 to do it all over again.

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    Hey, Kudos to all of you at Spotlight Toronto for putting this together every year. It just gets better and better, the stories more in depth and the writing more insightful. It is a must read if you have any interest all in Ontario wine. Congrats on another fine 30 Days of Wine and thank-you for letting me be part of it, however small.

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